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Recommended UK Web Hosting Companies

These days the web has more hosting companies than you can shake a stick at. Some are good, some will leave you screaming in frustration at customer support (if you can ever get hold of them). Thanks to the fact that I’m paranoid, I spread my sites around the web and have experience with many web hosts – in this post you’ll find recommendations based on my personal experiences.

Note: As the majority of my sites target the UK, I’m specifically talking about UK web hosting companies in this article. I’ll do separate articles for other countries as I expand into other territories.

Best Web Hosting

Out of all the UK based hosting companies I’ve used to date, there are only two who have consistently impressed me with their service, support and prices:


These guys have some of the best support I’ve ever seen, and it’s damn fast. In fact if I were to email them now, they would reply before I’ve even finished the post. What’s more is that you get a real response that actually answers your question rather than a ‘cut and paste’ email that’s vaguely related.

I have also never had any downtime on any of my hosting accounts that I have with them, and the sites are fast – I host with them if you’re after an idea of speed. Also bear in mind that the site is quite resource hungry.

The pricing is incredibly cheap considering the service you get – shared hosting starts at £17.99 a year for the basic package and all packages (except the most basic one) you can get 3 years for the price of two by pre-paying.

If you use the coupon code ‘baldidiot’ you can also get an extra 10% discount. Click here to visit the Vidahost website.


Xilo were recommended to me by another affiliate right around the time I was getting ready to launch a new site that had some pretty greedy requirements ( and I harassed support with questions about ioncube loaders and memory, all of which were answered quickly and in full the first time.

Site speed is fast (they also host this blog) and I am yet to have any downtime to date.

One minor annoyance is that if you use installation to install wordpress on your site, it adds an annoying ‘powered by Xilo’ in the footer, but you can easily get rid of this by editing the default.php file in your wordpress root folder.

The pricing is also very reasonable – shared hosting is £24.99 a year and cloud hosting is available from £9.99 a month, both of which come with a free domain and all of the usual gubbins. Click here to visit the Xilo website.

Best Registrars For Domains

It’s fairly common to get a free domain when you sign up for hosting, but if you’re buying lots of domains either for speculation or to use in the future (this baldidiot has hundreds sitting around) then it’s a good idea to find a decent registrar that offers competitive pricing and features such as free domain forwarding – don’t assume this comes as standard, one web host I used wanted an extra £9.99 a year on top of the registration fee just to forward a domain variant to a site they were already hosting.

I have two different recommendations depending on the type of TLD you’re registering. Both have pretty much the same features, so it comes down to price:

Godaddy – For gTLDs

First off I want to say that I’m only recommending godaddy for domains and not for hosting – I have only hosted with them once and it was a disaster.

But for domains they are excellent. Pricing is low (.com’s are just £5.29) and come with free forwarding etc.. If you purchase or transfer multiple domains (more than 5) in one go you can get free domain privacy, but be warned that this is only for the initial registration period – once it renews you’ll be charged for the privacy (£6.19 a year).

One of the most useful features is the ease in which you can transfer domains between godaddy accounts – meaning selling or buying domains (either privately or through the marketplace) is incredibly simple.

Godaddy are also used to people having large domain portfolios and offer tools such as bulk transfers and bulk purchasing to make your life a little easier.

The marketplace is also a good place to pick up domains for a cheap price – I grabbed for £8, bargain!

Tempted? Click here to visit the Godaddy website.

123-Reg – For .uk ccTLDs

Godaddy are my number one choice for generic TLD’s, but for anything with a .uk in it you should head on over to 123-reg  where pricing for a is just £3.49 a year (versus godaddy’s £6.49 a year).

Just like godaddy, 123-reg offer free domain forwarding and have one of the simplest domain control panels I’ve used and changing name servers takes about 30 seconds.

Click here to visit the 123-reg website.