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Paid Press Releases For Gambling/Casino/Poker Sites

Paid press releases can be a quick and cheap method of getting your new site a link. It’s also one of the few forms of legitimate paid link. Whilst their effects may not be as great as a few years ago, they’re still worth doing as part of a varied campaign.

Press Release Sites That Accept Gambling Websites

So you’ve decided to submit a release and have your credit card in hand – where do you go? Unfortunately a lot of the larger press release agencies don’t accept submissions which relate to online gambling, even if they accept press releases for offline gambling. For example I enquired at PR Web about a couple of sites and was told that I could submit a release for as it only deals with brick and mortar casinos, whilst, which has far more content relating to offline gambling, would not be allowed as it also deals with online gambling.

The best option we’ve found to date is who not only offer gambling-related press releases, but who are also one of the cheapest. Their basic package is $49 and permits the inclusion of links with custom anchor text – although in the light of the recent google updates I feel it wiser to stick to generic anchor text whenever the link is overtly paid.

For $89 you also receive distribution to the 24-7 Press Release network of sites (duplicate content anyone?) plus a guarantee that your press release will hit the front page of their site and next day submission.

In the long run I’ve seen similar results from both packages, but the $89 version just gets you there a bit quicker – mainly due to the front page display and next day release. You can see a full comparison of the different packages on the 24-7 Press Release website.

Another option used to be PR Fire, although recently their press releases do not seem to contain active links. I shot off a couple of emails asking about it, but never heard back. – Your ticket to publicity

Note: This article contains affiliate links to various websites. However this has not affected my recommendations in any way and I would give the same advice in person or on the forums.