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Introducing The Gambling Site Showcase

I start to get a little shaky when I haven’t bought a new domain in a couple of days (admitting the problem is the first step to recovery, they say) and I’ve been meaning to do some kind of showcase site for some time.

So with an hour or two to spare (whilst the wife was doing her hair) I had a quick search for an appropriate wordpress theme, bought a domain and popped up this little puppy:

Essentially it’s meant as a showcase of gambling portals – so you can see what’s out there, get a little inspiration, and promote your site at the same time. I’m currently accepting submissions from affiliates who contribute to the community somehow – so if you have over 100 posts on GPWA or PAL, or who contribute in some other useful way, get in touch and we’ll look at adding your site.

Once the showcase is established (probably at the end of July 2012), the conditions for getting in will change – so if you want a site listed get on it now.

I should also point out that the showcase is edited for quality purposes, so not all sites will be accepted.

For those of you who are curious, the showcase uses the free Snapshot theme from Woo Themes with only minor modifications (code-butchering) to the theme.