Baldidiots Affiliate Marketing Blog (aka Good Bonus Guide)

Good Bonus Guide ScreenshotGood Bonus Guide was my first serious attempt at an affiliate site. I registered the domain back when I first started looking at getting into affiliate marketing, stuck up a holding page and then forgot about it for a few years.

The site has been through a number of design and structural changes since its first inception and remained one of my main money earners for many years… until it became neglected in favour of other protects causing it to fall by the wayside.

In late 2016 the site was hacked, bringing it suddenly from the back burner and making it a priority once more. During the fix it was also updated and upgraded and the decision was made to totally redevelop it into a more in depth guide. The site also changed it’s name from to

Despite all the changes, the aim of the site has remained the same – to provide simple lists of bonuses and offers for sports betting, casino, poker and bingo. We’ve just added a few bits and bobs along the way.