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Getting Ready For The Cheltenham Festival

In the past I’ve never really paid much attention to the big racing festivals – except for the occasional themed banner or handful of blog post with relevant offers.

So, with Cheltenham literally around the corner, I decided that it was probably time I got off my butt and got myself a piece of the giant racing pie.  I thought about just having a ton of coverage on one of my existing betting sites, but then decided that I might as well give it a proper go by making a dedicated racing site which you can see below (feedback is always welcome in the comments):

Uk Racing Guide Screenshot

The site will, of course, cover all of the major festivals not just Cheltenham. But Cheltenham is the first one to pop up after the idea for the site was conceived. So, with a little help from some awesome writers, we came up with a plan to give Cheltenham a good old go.

The coverage on the site starts with an overview which summarises the whole of the festival. The content is set out in a hierarchical fashion and links through into previews of each of the days:

  1. Day 1: Champion Day
  2. Day 2: Ladies Day
  3. Day 3: St Particks Thursday
  4. Day 4: Gold Cup Day

Each day then drills down even further into individual race previews such as the Champion Hurdle. We talked about covering every race, but that seemed a little excessive and instead settled on covering all of the feature races, of which there are 12.

I found that one of the hardest bits about covering a horse racing festival is that the information changes right up to when the horses leave the gate – runners drop out, jockeys eat a few too many cakes at lunch and every now and again someone will spot a 100-1 shot that looks like it will go like horse poo off a shovel.

So when do you put the content up – you want it up early enough that it can get indexed and ranking in time, but not so early that all of the information is going to be horrendously out of date by the time the horses line up.

In the end we went for a compromise – with initial ‘preview’ articles being put up relatively early and then edited a day or so before the race. It makes for a lot of work, but fingers crossed it’ll pay off.

For the first time in my life I’m actually quite excited about Cheltenham – I may even have to have a couple of flutters myself!